Raise Your Glasses, It’s the New Year

A toast, for the year that has passed,

A year full of loss, and a year full of gratefulness

It’s that time of the year again,

where we hold our door open for a minute or two,

to see our old pal out, and welcome a new stranger in,

we don’t know what waits, yet in we still welcome it,

hopefully a friend it becomes to everyone,

and not a total douche like that last one

So to the year that is about to leave,

and the year that is about to come,

a shiny glass I raise to you






The Game

Don’t count the number of times you lost at the game of love,

They don’t matter,

I mean yeah they do at some point, but come on,

all i wanted to do was to motivate you,

bud, what truly matters is how you take that loss,

Quit moping about how she was the one,

A movie once told me:
“There’s no real one true love”

Or at least more or less

The thing is,

A new love is waiting for you out there,

Under a tree,

Inside a jeepney,

just stay a while, and listen,

then maybe you’ll see

So stop crying in a corner, and pick yourself up

stop asking what went wrong,

stop asking if you’re good enough

It’s just out there,

the important question is,

Are you ready to play this silly game called love?