Clowns of the Night

“Two more hours til the big performance baby!”

I couldn’t help but let out a huge grin. We were planning this huge prank of hours for weeks now. I lightly tapped my keyboard just enough for it to make noises without typing a single letter. I looked at my bedpost where a creepy clown mask hangs.

“Damn yeah! Time to scare kids! hahaha!” messaged another friend of mine — probably Shane, the guy who came up with the idea of “Clown Night”. A night that promises a lot of terrors to our victims — to us, a good laugh and a story to tell our grandkids.

Just a couple of kids wearing clown masks late at night, scaring people. What could go wrong right? I stood up, clutching the Clown mask, I let out a frustrated sigh, and let it devour my face.

Clowns, what a joke. I muttered as I stared at the smiling stranger in the mirror. I checked the group inbox once again to catch up with what was happening. There was a minor snag, one clown isn’t available to perform tonight. His said that he’s got the flu. Flu my ass. What a wuss.

“So, with Zeke out, that leaves five of us. And that means one is gonna go without a pair.” Shane as always, the best detective in the group.

“No shit, Sherlock.” I replied.

There was an argument in the group on who’s going to perform alone tonight. It got so heated that it came to the point that Keith wanted to back out.

“Randy, you wanna go alone?” asked Shane me.

“I’ll do it. I’ll go alone.” I complied, and then everything’s settled.

Big night was on.

“This is a bad idea.” I cussed as I walked into my spot. A dark narrow road whose only light source came from lightposts. Perfect to ambiance to scare people, I thought. I went on one knee, opened my backpack and took one last look on the mask. “Here goes nothing.” I stood on my spot for what seemed and eternity. Nobody passed by. Not even a single car. I had nothing but crickets accompanying me and the eerie darkness that seemed to whisper to me every now and then.I had a feeling that I was being watched. That I was not the only clown in this place. I closed my eyes to try to calm my nerves down. And then that’s when everything went wrong.

Suddenly, the twigs around me were making soft, wary cracking noises. Each crack growing louder and nearer. I turned around to see if there were people walking towards me. I could feel my heart slowly climbing up my throat. I was cold all of a sudden. I swear I could see eyes looking straight at me.

Shit. Shit. Calm down. Breathe. Breathe. Your mind is playing tricks on you. And then another twig shrieked, this time behind me. My instinct suddenly made me look at the direction where the crack came from. Again there was nothing.

“W-who’s there!?” I asked, trying to sound as brave as possible.

Out of nowhere, a hand clutched my shoulder and then came a whisper:

“Not so funny now eh?” The voice sent a chill to my spine, followed by a piercing pain that made my flesh cry red.

“Runrunrunrunrunrun as fast as you can!” yelled another voice in the dark. It was followed by shrill laughter. I heeded the voice and tried to take a step — only to find myself slowly falling to the ground. Laying sideways, I tried to make sense to what was happening. “W-who are you?” I asked the darkness. I took another deep breath, and tried to look up at the dark sky one last time. As I looked up, five shadows towered over me, I squinted my eyes only to find themselves popping right up.

“Clowns.. what a fucking joke..” I muttered as everything around me slowly faded away.


“Shane, can I take a bite first? Always wanted to know how Randy tastes like.”


The Perfect Lull

I was stuck in the bus terminal when the rain poured. There was still no sign of the bus that I was waiting for. The one that was supposed to take me to a place where the mountain kisses the sky. Where one could literally be one with the sea up high. A hidden sanctuary where you could find peace. Find that perfect lull to quiet this noisy world.

The terminal was booming with noises – people who are selling something, people reminding people of something, and people just simply being people by yelling something. Raindrops being pelted by the clouds only added volume to the chaos. I lazily rested my head on both of my hands and just watched as people walked by. I couldn’t help but notice how they were trying so hard to be alive. Trying so hard to let the other human being around them know that they are alive.

Hey, I am screaming, notice me!

I let out an exasperated smile. The wind also found humor in my thoughts, evidenced by the blowing of leaves and skirts. Amidst all the mental judgement I passed on people, suddenly there was this sweet scent that crept into my nose. My ears suddenly became warmer, and my heart frantic. There was a lull in the chaotic orchestra of people. I held my breath, and I looked to my left.

Beside me sat the prettiest girl that I have ever seen my entire life. I admit I have told myself that line a couple of times before. Yet it didn’t matter. At this moment, this girl with droopy eyes, pink cheeks, and a pony tail is inches away from me! I could feel my heart trying to claw its way out of my chest. I was suddenly drowning in a sea of panic. What should I do? What to say? Dont stare too much you creep. Go ahead, do that face that you practice for hours in front of your bathroom mirror.

Scream, be noticed by her.

I crossed my leg over the other, and uncrossed it within three seconds; only to find myself crossing the other one over the other five seconds after. The world somehow felt a little smaller– where did the people and all the noises go? Who stopped the rain? God damn it stop crossing and uncrossing your legs!

Then I felt something tug my shirt. No, not something, someone.

“Uhm, is that bus going to Albay?” she asked while pointing a bus with her lips.

My gaze followed the direction where her lips where pointing. I squinted my eyes a little, looked at her and nodded.

I could see relief in her eyes, she gripped her backpack tighter and left.

Wait, what’s your name?

Why are you going to Albay?

Don’t go..

My heart sank, there goes the prettiest girl I have ever seen. On a bus ride off to Albay, probably to go and see the famous Mayon, or maybe to visit her relatives. I watched as she conversed with the bus conductor and then grin in excitement. She looked at me again and waved goodbye.


And as her bus crawled its way out of the terminal, with it also went that quintessential lull.



Close Those Grey Eyes

It’s okay, breathe easy,

Just keep on looking at the starless sky,

Don’t fret, stars are overrated,

Keep your gaze up at the melancholic moon,

It’s moonbeams slowly drizzling upon us,

While the wind whispers it’s deaf hum,

Don’t forget to breathe,

Breathe in it’s beautiful lullaby,

Breathe it out one more time,

As the wind closes out it’s song,

Hold unto my hand one more time,

And close those grey eyes


“Come on, do it. If you love me, then do it.” If I close my eyes, I could still perfectly hear her voice begging me to prove my love for her.

“All I’m asking is one line, is it that hard to do?” She asked again, with annoyance in her tone.

I sniffed, oddly enough, even though the air condition in the car was on blast, hearing her pressure me to do a line made me feel like I was in an oven.

“Babe, I can’t, if they find out we’re gonna get in huge trouble.” I sniffed in the cold air again for good measure.

I took a hard look at the girl that i have been so in love with for the past four years. She still has that pretty chinky eyes that seem to disappear when she smiles. Her pixie hair that seemed to never grow, and her lips are still as red as rose.

Everything felt so familiar, yet she felt like a total stranger to me. This is the first time in four years that I’ve seen this part of her.

And it scared the shit out of me.

“Shane, this is the last time that I’ll be asking you.” She took out her lipstick and took off its cap.

She drew out a white line on the dashboard of my car. When she saw that it wasn’t a perfect straight line, she straightened em up using her nails.

Typical OCD Courtney.

The thought made me smile – until my eyes met hers.

It was too painful, to potentially lose the life I have ahead, or to lose this one I have right now.

“Courtney…” I pleaded but my voice cowered under her glare.

I clenched my teeth and closed my eyes.

Fuck! fuck! fuck! fuck! fuck!

“Fine. Just..this one.”

For the third time that night I sniffed.

And just like a cruel trick, flashed the colors red and blue behind us. Followed by a wailing of a hysterical lady.