Mating Dance

I jest,

I confess,

I rinse,

and then I repeat


I jest,

I confess,

I rinse,

and then I repeat


in hopes that maybe,

i will finally net that heartbeat,

if not,


I’ll jest,

I’ll confess,


then repeat


Close Those Grey Eyes

It’s okay, breathe easy,

Just keep on looking at the starless sky,

Don’t fret, stars are overrated,

Keep your gaze up at the melancholic moon,

It’s moonbeams slowly drizzling upon us,

While the wind whispers it’s deaf hum,

Don’t forget to breathe,

Breathe in it’s beautiful lullaby,

Breathe it out one more time,

As the wind closes out it’s song,

Hold unto my hand one more time,

And close those grey eyes

Funky Fresh Fisting

Things were going like how I want them to be-

the typical routine I am comfortable with

eating a sandwich I made for myself,

sitting in a corner,

watching the crowd come and go,

but then among the sea of people,

there was you,

wearing a dress that’s a perfect shade of blue

carrying a bag made by a guy named Louis,

and then that’s when I realized,

you’re one of the stars up there in the sky

I looked up and I smiled,

because for never in my life,

did I have the urge to learn how to fly


Cheers to the year that have passed,

One that stayed with us throughout the night,

Only to disappear in the morning,

Only to be greeted by another-

A stranger

Yet, a cup filled with mead we raise up high,

Not knowing what it will bring,

Merry songs we will still sing,

Cheers to the New Year,

And all that it may bring – hopefully serendipity