Raise Your Glasses, It’s the New Year

A toast, for the year that has passed,

A year full of loss, and a year full of gratefulness

It’s that time of the year again,

where we hold our door open for a minute or two,

to see our old pal out, and welcome a new stranger in,

we don’t know what waits, yet in we still welcome it,

hopefully a friend it becomes to everyone,

and not a total douche like that last one

So to the year that is about to leave,

and the year that is about to come,

a shiny glass I raise to you






Nothing in this world could ever beat that fuzzy feeling you get,

when you are smothered by your love’s warm embrace,

it’s like the perfect way to end the heart’s longing-

gone will be the heavy load your shoulder carries,

goes away all the restlessness your heart feels,

there’s just nothing but an assuring warmth,

riding calm waters slowly into the soul of the sea,

where the wind blows, and the cloud envelopes the hot sun,

as you slowly close your eyes to the hum of her heartbeat,

you smile and whisper to yourself–


Bourbon Street

I don’t know where you are,

but I know someday I’ll meet you,

in this vibrant and crazy place,

full of people that are two faced

I won’t be expecting you,

same goes for you to me,

together in that exact moment-

we’ll encounter serendipity

and when both our eyes meet,

the world will stop spinning,

no sound, no time, there’d be nothing,

just both our hearts quietly beating

Act One



I honestly don’t know what happened,

or when it happened,

All I know is that when I saw your smile,

I was never the same

how you bat your eyes,

or how you sway your hips when you walk,

I was simply enticed by you,

whether you know it or not,

whether I like it or not,

so until I find courage,

everyday I’ll yearn for you